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APV            |    3rd-4th of July 2018 

Exchange   |    19th – 28th of August 2018 

Follow-Up  |    September – November 2018

A dynamic Youth Project on activism and the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum





partner countries






YOUth in ACTivism is a 10 days dynamic skills-based programme for young people who have a strong interest in the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum and want to create a lasting social change.


The idea behind this project is to create a safe space for you to explore and exchange through non-formal and informal learning about the LGBTQIA+ rights, the different types of activism and apply using diverse media and digital tools (video, photography, social media) for raising awareness and increasing active participation among the youth. 


You have the chance to learn, inspire and act while including yourself and others in the interactive process. 


The project focuses on improving the inclusion of young LGBTQIA+ people in society, through activism and media tools. 

Learning Approach - Experiential Learning - by doing

The Project is designed in such a way that it provides you with the opportunity to explore, create, exchange and facilitate your own learning, while being in an intercultural environment and working individually, in pairs, in small teams or in a big group.

You are the actor of your own learning and creator of your experience within the given group. By choosing your involvement, you lighten up the path to your learning and desired outcomes.

Together with the rest of the actors, you have the chance to create togetherness and inspire each other while enjoying.


  • Reflection groups, reflecting on your learning process on a daily basis

  • Tools, processes and techniques for personal reflection & growth

  • Games, awareness exercises, peer learning, discussions, presentations

  • Media activities (video and photography), to gain the basic skills and produce digital products and video tutorials about the topics and for active promotion

  • Outdoor activities, meeting with Dutch activists and LGBTQIA+ organizations 

  • Organizing an awareness-raising street action in one of the Dutch cities 

what you can get out of the project

Learn, enhance, experience and

reflect on your:


  • own style of activism

  • self-awareness, self-expression
    and creative spirit

  • personal style of learning, 
    leadership core and sense of initiative

  • media and digital skills

  • communication and clear agreements

  • giving and receiving constructive feedback

  • cooperation and connection with others

  • response to challenges

  • team-work, organizational and presentational skills

  • inclusion and intercultural awareness

  • time-management

  • inspiration-joy-spontaneity


During the Exchange, you will also receive the Youthpass certification. It is a recognition instrument for non-formal and informal learning, used within the Erasmus+ projects.

Find more info here:

Our main objectives are: 

  • To identify the LGBTQIA+ needs and challenges nowadays and cultivate the knowledge of the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum and its intersectionality

  • To increase your 8 key competencies for lifelong learning and empower your personal growth

  • To produce a series of tutorials videos about activism within the LGBTQIA+ rights and spread them online

  • To organize an awareness-raising street action in the Netherlands during the Exchange and other local activities in each partner country in the follow-up period



The playground will be owned by a total of 40 people,

5 per country (including group leaders), who are resident in one of the partner countries represented by the 8 organisations involved in this project.

APV            | 1 group leader + 1 participant

Exchange  | 1 group leader + 4 participants



  • Between the age 18 - 34 years old

  • Possibly involved with one of the partner organizations

  • Willing to increase your competences for when working with young people, the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum, media, non-formal education and activism

  • You are eager to explore the topic of activism and exchange new ways and actions of promoting the LGBTQIA+ rights and inclusion in your country

  • Committed taking part in all the phases and main activities (APV, Exchange, Follow-Up)

  • Eager to participate, facilitate and involve yourself in the creative process

  • Eager to learn, act, empower and lead a change

  • Motivated to assist your national team in all the phases of the project

  • Inspiring and enthusiastic spirit with a sense of initiative

  • Able to work in simple English

  • Between the age of 18-30 years old

  • You are interested to expand your knowledge and awareness in the topic, you are involved in LGBTQIA+ organizations, you are already an activist in the field or you are just at the beginning of your activist journey 

  • Willing to increase your personal competencies, self-empowerment and enhance intercultural awareness

  • You are eager to explore the topic of activism and exchange new ways and actions of promoting the LGBTQIA+ rights and inclusion in your country

  • Motivated to work with media and digital tools, raise awareness and support the development of your local communities, by spreading your learnings and organising activities there

  • Curious and enthusiastic to experience diverse tools and methods

  • Able to work in simple English

  • Highly motivated and willing to actively participate during the whole duration of the project and all its phases (APV, Exchange, Follow-Up)


As a

you are...


you are...

As a





Pre-learning Preparation

Pre-learning preparation will happen prior to the actual APV and Exchange via a closed Facebook Group. You will get the chance to prepare for each event individually and in your national team, by completing different assignments and learning phases. Results of the preparation will be shared online and during the main events.


Pro-Learning Evaluation/Follow-Up is valuable and plays an essential part in our project.


It is the part, when after the Exchange:

  • you will have personal evaluation of your learnings and experience together with your group leader and partner organization.

  • You will receive support from your sending organization in organizing follow-up activities (street actions, workshops etc.) in your local communities, as well as promoting the results you will have created.

  • You will be able to write articles, testimonials or receive support in creating new projects of your own.



Arrival until 16.00




Arrival of

Group leaders

Pre-learning Preparation

Arrival of participants


Starts 13.00


ends 20.00


before 10.00

evaluation &


How to apply

partner countries

If you want to receive more details about the project before applying, feel free to contact our partner organization or contact us directly via the e-mail of Olde Vechte Foundation

If you are selected, you will receive a confirmation letter with all details about your participation in the activities of the project.


Czech Republic








Asociace Dice

Solidarity Mission


Association of LGBT and their friends Mozaika

LGL Nationaline LGBT Teisiu Organizacija Lithuania


Asociacion TRANS

Contact Person

Jana Pastyříková

Anna Cheimona

Fabiano Bruno

Tim Blake/Elina Treikule

Mindaugas Kartanas

Ana Zupančič​

Cecilia Gonzalez Palomo

Travel Money & Participation Fee

For travelling according to Erasmus+ regulations, there is a fixed amount of money that you can get if participating in all the phases and activities of the project. Travelling costs for participants from The Netherlands cannot be reimbursed.

You will get full amount of money in cash at the end of the APV and the Exchange according to the country you are coming from:

Participation Fee:

There is a 50 € participation fee for the Exchange for the participating mobilities, which you can pay from your travel money.

For Example:

Your travel costs are 175 euros. You will receive 275 euros in the end of the Exchange. With 100 euro that is left, you are able to pay the participation fee of 50 euros and still keep 50 euros for yourself.

Travel & Particiption fee


Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain

275 €

Travel Money


360 €


0 €

Facilitating team

Facilitating Team

Cathy Manousaki (Greece) is a youth worker, facilitator, media educator and Human Rights, activist. She shares a genuine passion for empowering youth realising their potential and creating opportunities for themselves.


She is working in the field of personal development, coaching, mentoring and media learning with a focus on human rights, LGBTQIA+ Spectrum, self-expression, inclusion, active citizenship and social sustainability.

In her practice, she stimulates learning by actively implementing diverse non-formal

Educational methods. (media, theatre, digital tools, bodywork, sports, outdoor and other).

Cathy is going to lead the program with a group of experienced assistants as a support team. Group leaders from each country are going to form the team of assistants who are also experienced in organizing youth programs, holding workshops, leading groups and working with the target group of the project.


About the Accommodation

About Olde Vechte Foundation

The project will take place in and around the group accommodation building. It is located in a small city Ommen, surrounded by nature. The sleeping rooms can host 2 to 6 people. Catering will be provided by the Foundation. The house will be our home for the entire project, which means that we take care of it by ourselves and clean it daily.


More info about the accommodation here:

Olde Vechte Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Ommen, the Netherlands. It has been functioning as a training centre for non-formal education, personal development, coaching, social and cultural work. Its mission is to create a learning environment out of love, care and cooperation for everyone, especially for people whose needs cannot be met by the methods of formal education. Out of this approach, the foundation is focused on the method of learning by experience.

About Active Rainbow

Active Rainbow is an educational platform aiming to raise awareness on the topic of Human Rights and LGBTQIA+ Spectrum and to increase the visibility of non-formal education as a tool for promoting social inclusion and active citizenship. The platform was founded in 2014 and since then its community is growing with young individuals and activists from all over Europe and the world. Its vision is a world where diversity is welcomed and celebrated as a value.


More about the platform find here.

Apply now

If you have questions, need clarifications or you would like to know more, contact us: or

(+31) 619046561

and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Let’s start ACTing together,

Cathy Manousaki & YOUth in ACTivism Team

Power ACTion was the most valuable experience that made me stronger, more confident and gave me immense amount of determination and desire to change this world.


We created a community that is an unbeatable force that will fight injustice, bigotry and inequality bravely and courageously. The power of friendship can tear down mountains and after this exchange I am very positive that we are unstoppable. I've made so many great friends, gained confidence and positive attitude to life. ​

Egle  |   Lithuania

Power action 2018

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